We are an events agency based in Orange County, California. We have worked nearly exclusively for Red Bull for the past 10 years – first as employees, then as contractors. In forming our agency, we are excited to finally offer our services to the world at large.

With a combined 30 years of experience in marketing and events, there are very few hats we haven't worn, and we wear our hats well. Our goal is not to be the next mega-agency in the events world, but rather to produce great events with great clients in a manner that allows us to devote our full energies and attention to you. No layers of bureaucracy. No agency-speak. No B.S.

We offer creativity, passion, professionalism and grace under fire. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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Eric Edwards - Partner/Founder

Eric is equally adept at creating intimate, low-key gatherings and high-profile, sometimes literally high-flying events. During eight years as national hospitality manager at Red Bull North America, he masterminded everything from a rolling venue in a classic Greyhound bus to comprehensive hospitality programs for NASCAR and F1 events. He was also the logistics pointperson for Red Bull Stratos, responsible for converting a barren (except for the tarantulas and scorpions) patch of New Mexico desert into a secure, comfortable, high-tech compound that served the 24/7 needs of a supersonic skydiver and his Mission Control team, as well as a phalanx of technicians, communications staff and international media.

After earning a degree in PoliSci and International Studies, he got his start as a concert promoter and club manager, going on to expand his career as an independent producer of other special events, as well as manager of on-premise accounts for a global marketing agency. With background in virtually every aspect of producing both consumer-facing and B2B events, plus extensive work in ideation and brand marketing, Eric has not only exceptional hands-on experience, but also an enviable network of contacts. He brings expertise, flexibility and solutions that really work to each project and any budget.

Rachel Jobes - Partner/Founder

Rachel Jobes has a way of making people feel at ease and at home, no matter where they’re from or where they find themselves. For 15 years, she’s dedicated her career to hospitality, travel logistics and event production, whether working independently, as operations/groups manager for a leading tour package company or as national hospitality manager for Red Bull (the last being a position she has in common with Eric). At Red Bull, she supported more than 30 events per year, from concerts and NASCAR races down to the simple good times of a tailgate party – with 5,000 attendees! Rachel also has a strong belief in communication, always making it a point to listen rather than assume. A California native who earned her degree at Cal State Long Beach, she additionally has an understanding of Asian and European cultures that stems from her own life experience. Rachel not only spent much of her childhood in Indonesia, but in putting her passion for motorsports to work on the job, she has been to more than 100 races all over the world. (Her favorite? The Canadian Grand Prix.)

Rachel is an expert at scouting sites, hiring vendors, arranging accommodations, organizing entertainment, coordinating travel, resourcing partners, envisioning décor and managing infrastructure. Calm under pressure, she’s got an eye for detail and is obsessed with follow-through. In short, she gets things done, seamlessly.

Kristin Humphrey - Project Manager

Latest and greatest member to our family, we persuaded Kristin to make the big move from her native Phoenix to help us hold down the home office as a Project Manager, as well as onsite Event Coordinator. Kristin is an active sort and enjoys yoga, swimming and cartwheels. She also cracks us up daily while working on her stand-up comedy routine!

Jess Johnson - Production Manager

Our resident MacGyver, Jess never fails to get the job done. Master builder and AV Guru, Jess is a veteran of the Red Bull Energy Station program as well as F1 and Moto GP hospitality programs. 

Joe Burch - Production Manager

Another MacGyver plus master of a thousand disguises, Joe helps us keep it all together.When not busy breaking his legs on Venice Beach or auditioning for School of Rock on Broadway, Joey B is at our events making it all flow smoothly. 

Chase Ayers-Prouction Manger

Chase comes to us with a background in music and exploration. He is both family man and performer. We can rely on Chase to offer everything from AV assistance and Infratructre assembly, to VIP transfers-all done with ease and optimism. You will find Chase assisting with multiple events, especially near his hometown of Austin, TX.

Jillian Grubbs- On Site Event Coordinator

Jillian has been a part of our family from the beginning. Her previous experience with Red Bull, Nike, event activation, and life in general has molded one incredible Plus 1 member. Jillian is an impressive actress and entrepeneur as well. We are fortunate to have her positive energy and electric personality with us at our events.

"Like OMG they are so cool and everything"

- Susan B. Anthony